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This page is dedicated to girls in our kennel.

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This page is dedicated to boys in our kennel.

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This page is dedicated to puppies  in our kennel. Here you can learn about our plans, the expected litter, the current litter and also about our breeding.

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This site is dedicated to all our litters who live abroad.

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This page is dedicated to those of our litters who achieved the title of champion.

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This site is dedicated to hopeful dogs from our kennel.

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  • Trio CACIB Prague dog show

    Three show days in a row at the TrioCACIB Prague show together with Kalypsó BP and Jamaika BP. 5.8.2022 judge Mrs. Mgr. Jana Janeková Kalypso BP in open class – excellent 2, Res. CAC 6.8.2022 judge Mr. Petr Studeník Kalypso BP in open class – excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS 7.8.2022 judge Mrs. Eva Felszeghyová

  • Two club shows in one week organized KCHLS CZ

    The KCHLS CZ organized two club shows in one weekend. The shows took place in the grounds of the chateau in Náměšť na Hané. It’s been several years. Perfectly organized, pleasant environment, nice weather, great judges ….. just great two shows :-). Results of our dogs and dogs bred by us on Saturday 28.5.2022, judge

  • International dog show in Litoměřice CZ

    This May, as every year, my favorite International Dog Show Litoměřice took place. The show takes place in the area of the Garden of Bohemia, mostly the weather is very nice here and after Litoměřice it is only nice :-D. We were doing very well in Litoměřice for the sixth season and we took home

  • Kaly and Maika on dog show

    On 15.5.2022 our two females Kalypsó BP “KALY” and Jamaika BP “MAIKA” participated in the international dog show. Kaly won CAC, CACIB, BOS Majka won CAC, Res. CACIB